Build your immunity up for an allergy free life

Nobody likes to find themselves in the middle of an allergy attack, especially if they are in the middle of an important task or are trying to enjoy themselves on holiday and they suddenly find they are allergic to something in the new cuisine or environment.

The good news is that Allergy Research is making huge steps forwards and there are new supplements and medications out on the market that actually help you build up your immune system so that you no longer have to suffer from allergies.

The old solution to allergies was to simply have medication on hand for when an attack occurred so that the symptoms could be treated. Therefore, the solution was not really a solution at all, but instead just a way to treat the symptoms after allergies had already started to flare up.

However, new research proves that you can build up your immune system to completely eradicate allergies from even starting in the first place. There are many pills out there that you could use to help boost your immune system such as those from AmericanBiologics that will help build up your natural defenses so that you do not have to worry about an allergy attack getting in your way in the future.

While most of have some kind of allergy to something, these are generally not life threatening, but for those who are allergic to nuts, for example, they have to live their life around their allergy. Even coming into contact with a nut can have them heading for the emergency room, so any research that can help these sufferers is literally worth its weight in gold if it affords them anywhere near a normal life.

A preclinical study in the North West last year revealed that they had found a way of tricking the body into believing that nut protein wasn’t a threat, and while this is still in the early stages, if this comes to fruition it will be biggest breakthrough in allergy prevention for decades.

For those with allergies that are more annoying than dangerous, the supplements available are well worth trying, as it always seems that if we have a food allergy it is to something we absolutely love. And if there is something out there that will stop us going pink when we eat strawberries, or come out in a rash when we come in contact with detergent, it’s gotta be good news.

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